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Nutritional Therapy

 The nutritional approach involves the use of food and its nutrients to bring about positive changes to our health, weight and well-being. It aims to address the underlying cause of any health issues we may have, rather than simply trying to 'fix the symptoms'. However, you don't have to have a specific health issue to see a Nutritional Therapist  - many of my clients are simply striving to improve their nutritional status and general wellbeing. Please see the 'Consultations' tab above for details of pricing and what to expect during your appointment.


Nutritional Therapy may be able to help with:

-Digestive issues e.g Bloating, Irregular/Unusual Bowel Movements, IBS, Indigestion

- Weight loss

- Low energy /fatigue

- Skin Problems e.g Acne, Eczema

- Food Intolerances & Allergies

- Weight gain

- Immune Support e.g frequent colds

- Bacterial imbalances

- Yeast Overgrowths (Candida Albicans)

- Stress and the many negative side effects it has on the body

- Special Diet Support e.g Vegan,Vegetarian. Gluten Free, Detoxification

- Pregnancy e.g Nutritional Support before, during and after

**You don't have to have a particular health issue to visit me - many people simply seek advice on how to improve their nutrient status while they strive for optimum health.